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  • LAst talk of RMLL2013
  • how many collaborators
  • Overview
  • Ask questions at the end!
Antoine Turmel
  • GeekShadow
  • France
  • Software & Web Developer
Martin Giger
  • freaktechnik
  • Switzerland
  • Student
  • Frontend & Web Developer
Matt Parnell (ilikenwf)
Dirk Steinmetz (rsjtdrjgfuzkfg)
John Murray (johnmurrayvi)
Janek Bevendorff (Manko10)
What is Nightingale?
  • Web Browser + Media Player
  • Feathers (Themes)
  • Extensions
  • Fork of the recently terminated Songbird
  • Community maintained
  • no funds
  • Gecko
  • GStreamer
  • Outdated libraries
-taglib recently upgraded
  • Small team
Development Process
No organisation of work.
Problems with the do-what-you-want system:
  • Not very user-oriented
  • No schedule
  • Some bugs never get fixed
  • GitHub Issues
-github repos/branches
  • Forum
  • IRC
First pull request approved → push rights
Websites dependent on a few people
1000+ Windows downloads
700+ Linux downloads
120+ Mac OS X downloads
~3'000'000 lines of code